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Hey, it's me ALICIA! See what I did there? hehe.

Sooo...starting from the Beginning: I started dancing when I was three. Middle: I studied acting at Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and then went to get a BA in Theatre at Bradley University. End: Well...that day hasn't come just yet. So back to the Middle: I love Jesus, parks, coloring, eating, laughing, traveling, neon green, and doing cool outdoor activities or sports with cool people. All in all, I use "cool beans" way to often as a reply in text messages. Oh, I live in NYC. The city not the clothing store. 

One time I tried to surprise my best friend at her show but then I laughed. She texted me during intermission and said "Nice try surprising me. Tell that to your laugh next time." I laugh hard, long, and a lot. My journey with laughing is pretty much the same as my journey with performing. It's hard sometimes, yet I'm in it for the long haul, and I'm blessed to wake up everyday to do what I love. I'm a full time performing artist! Hope we can cross paths during this journey, perhaps over a cinnamon pastry.